Security Policy Automation

Intelliment is a platform to allow enterprises to automate their network security policy management in order to help them better handle their security at scale and to respond faster to network threats

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Massive agility gains

Query, modify and deploy policies in seconds, regardless of the network complexity

Massive cost reduction

No need to have vendor-specific training any more. Vendor migrations are also automatic!

Zero misconfigurations

No need to run security policy audits any more. Misconfigurations are identified at design time


Integrate Intelliment via its API with your existing processes and automation products, or even build your own module on top of it!

Use cases



Development teams can manage networks, ACLs and load balancing policies for their services and applications, with no networking or security training. Development teams will speed up service delivery, identify mistakes earlier, and recover from problems faster


Automate Security Operations Management

Operations teams can increase their work capacity automating most of their routine job, and spend more time in other tasks. Speed up service delivery, improve visibility and control, minimize the risk of data breaches and increase service availability. Intelliment can easily be inserted during infrastructure migration projects

Security Policy Automation


Threat Remediation

Automate Threat Remediation

With more than 100.000 new threats every day, where the 60% of data is destroyed, stolen or modified in less than 60 minutes, Enterprises and Service Providers can integrate Intelliment Security with Threat Intelligence products, to orchestrate and automate the response to threats. Intelliment is part of the Cisco Security Technology Alliance